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One Touch Holders

Below you can find magnetic plastic covers - ONE TOUCH HOLDERS, which are suitable for all types of cards. They offer the best possible protection and maintain 100% quality for a long time. These are most often products of the renowned company Ultra Pro. You will find there several variants of OT holders, which are divided according to size (card thickness) or colours.
If you use OT holder, it is not advisable to insert the card into the sleeve before placing them into the OT holder. Show more

Size Chart:
35pt - max. up to 1 mm (intended for the weakest types of cards)
55pt - max. up to 1.5 mm
75pt - max. up to 2.0 mm
100pt - max. up to 2.5 mm
130pt - max. up to 3.5 mm
180pt - max. up to 5.0 mm (for thick patch and other cards, UD The CUP or National Treasures series).
260pt - max. up to 7.0 mm (for thick patch and other cards, UD The CUP or National Treasures series).
360pt - max. up to 9.5 mm - also suitable for closed booklets or extremely thick cards.
180pt Booklet One Touch Holder - designed for "booklet" type cards - a booklet where the card is inserted opened.

We recommend the One Touch holder as the best possible protection, certainly for the best cards in your collection.


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